What is a Commercial Electrician & What Do They Do?

In this guide from Jack Jones Electrical, we look at what commercial electricians are and what commercial electrical installation they do. Here, we’ll talk about where they work, what tasks they do, and how they help.

But before we get into the world of commercial electricians, let’s define what a “commercial electrician” is and how they are different from other electricians.


What Is A Commerical Electrician? 

Most electrical installations fall into three main categories.

  • Residential Installations
  • Commercial Installations
  • Installations for businesses      

A lot of the actual electrical work is the same for both. But each area has a different set of skills and experience when it comes to installation. A lot of the differences come down to knowing how to design for each area and how to schedule and plan best for your environment. They may also be referred to as an industrial electrician or electrical contractor. In this article, we will talk about the business world. So, who is a commercial electrician?

As the name says, a commercial electrician will work on commercial projects. That doesn’t mean that the other types of installations aren’t also done. But their expertise will be in the business world. 


What do you need to know before hiring a commercial electrician? 

If you’ve never hired a commercial electrician before, it can be hard to know what to look for. You should make sure that the person you hire to do electrical work is skilled and qualified. We can help you figure out what you need to know to hire a commercial electrician.

When hiring an electrician for a business, you should think about the following:

Experience. How long has the commercial electrician been working in his or her field? The more years of experience an electrician has as a professional, the more confident you can be that the job will be done right and quickly.

Ethic. You’ll want to know how the commercial electrician does his or her job. A good electrician won’t try to get by with less work.

Working Well Under Pressure.  Any good electrician knows they might have to think on their feet, so they have to be able to work well under pressure. You can ask a potential commercial electrician about their past jobs and how they dealt with situations when things didn’t go as planned.

When looking for a commercial electrician, you should feel free to ask for references.


What kinds of jobs do commercial electricians do?

As with all industries, commercial projects can be very different. But the following are the most important parts of commercial electrical installations:

  • Offices
  • Hotels and Being Friendly
  • Data Centres
  • Sales Training and Schools
  • Storerooms (sometimes commercial and industrial)
  • Gyms
  • Museums 

In short, most commercial clients use a commercial installation. Large-scale plants, generators, and building environment systems will be the focus of most industrial projects. Residential is the market for homes, whether they are single-family houses or apartments.


What kinds of things can a commercial electrician do?

There are a few important areas of knowledge and skill in the business world. Most of the time, they are based on knowing how to help your business with designing and installing for the way things are now and meeting your future needs. You might be moving to a new office that is empty. On the other hand, you might be installing it in a real office where people need to keep working.

As a commercial electricians, we like to look into the following on commercial installations:

  • First of all, what are your current needs and what will it support?
  • What plans does your company have for the future, and what can we expect?
  • When do you have to start and when do you have to finish?
  • What do employees need to be able to do their jobs?
  • What are the rules about noise, and how can we work around them?
  • How can we plan the work so that your business doesn’t have to close?

Most of the time, the above questions only come up in commercial electrical installations. In residential projects, the house is usually empty or there is only one family to think about. In industrial projects, they are usually part of a larger building and are not occupied. So, commercial projects are mostly about making plans and talking to customers. So, this is why you should hire an electrical company that is business-minded.



As was already said, commercial projects depend a lot on how well they are designed and planned. Not only in terms of the actual wiring but also in terms of planning around your business and how it works.

Make sure you have an expert in this area on hand to make sure your business runs well during these installations. So, your first installation will meet your current needs and keep your future growth from coming as a surprise.

Our project team is here to help with advice at the start. At Jack Jones Electrical, we’re happy to set up a free survey to talk about your needs, make a project plan, and give you a quote. So, get in touch today if you need an electrician in Derby or a commercial electrician in Nottingham.

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