How much does it cost to run a cctv camera UK?

Protecting your business’ security is a top priority. And here at Jack Jones Electrical, we know one of the best ways to do that is to operate CCTV cameras on your premises. But how much does it cost to run a CCTV camera in the UK? Here’s a breakdown for you. 


The Cost of Installing a CCTV System for the First Time

Installing a CCTV system for the first time can seem like a hefty upfront cost. But this is because you’re getting all necessary elements of the system into place, such as 24/7 monitoring, as well both recording and storing high-quality footage. 

As such, small businesses can expect to face a price anywhere between £200 and £500 to set up a single camera. It can then cost upwards of £1500 to get the whole system in place. 


Why does it cost this much?

Because you’re paying for large memory storage, HD image, and a multi-camera setup. The more cameras you want in play, the more memory you’ll need, and the more devices you’ll have to account for. That also includes installation costs.  


Are there other costs associated with running a CCTV system?

Depending on the security measures you already have in place, you may need to upgrade in other areas around your business as well. A CCTV system is one thing, but not having a reliable lock and key on the front door could seriously compromise your business’ safety.

Aside from that, you’ll need to pay for employee training to use the cameras, as well as paying more across the payroll for these skills. You’ll also need a strong internet connection to keep the cameras connected to each other. 


Can these costs be overlooked? 

In short, no. It’s imperative to talk about these costs for your own safety. However, you can include them as part of your normal outgoings – they’re easily absorbed into your other expenses and won’t stand out as extraneous costs. 


Reducing the Cost of a CCTV System by Automating Key Processes

Automation can save your business a lot of money, especially when it comes to security. Automatic file logging, for example, means your employees won’t need as much time on the clock to oversee CCTV file saves/transfers. That frees up productivity and manpower across the board. 


How do you automate a CCTV system?

Many CCTV systems come with remote monitoring enabled, meaning you can download an app to control your cameras from anywhere. 


Get in Touch to Get Your CCTV Installed

Jack Jones Electrical Limited have years of commercial CCTV installation experience under our belt. As a family-run business ourselves, we know how much you can worry about the safety and security of the business you’ve built from the ground up. And we want to help you change that. So if you need CCTV for your business, contact us to see how we can make your premises secure.


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