Can a Commercial Electrician do Domestic Work?
Typically a commercial electrician is hired to carry out commercial projects such as wiring and cable work, HVAC work, and can work with any electrical systems. Commercial electricians are highly qualified as they undergo rigorous training to ensure they are eligible to be able to work in the public domain. Domestic electricians are also highly qualified, although some of them are electrical installers with less training than commercial workers. Read on to find out more about the differences between commercial and domestic electricians and which may be best to choose for your electrical tasks.

Commercial Electrician Suitability 

In terms of technical ability, a commercial electrician can work on a domestic job without too much trouble. The main difference is the scale of the work and the licensing requirements. A commercial electrician will be well-versed with licencing for commercial work but might not be up-to-date with domestic requirements. This may lead to some safety issues. An electrician must use the correct equipment to repair domestic appliances and systems according to domestic standards. Although industrial and domestic standards can be similar, they are not one-to-one which can lead to licensing and safety issues, especially if the domestic space is used for rental agreements.

Advantages of Commercial Electricians 

Commercial electricians have more rigorous licensing standards than domestic ones, but they have the same skills and attributes. Commercial electricians are trained to a very high standard and have professional requirements. A commercial electrician understands electrical systems, circuits, cables, and faulty wiring just as well as domestic electricians and could offer more value. 

Commercial electricians might not have the same regulations to follow but may operate to higher standards. If you decide to use a commercial electrician for domestic work, you can be sure you are working with a qualified professional. Additionally, commercial electricians might be more available as they have extensive networks of support if the job requires a second opinion.    

Qualifications and Experience 

Local domestic electricians aren’t always qualified to the same standards as commercial ones, even though the work they carry out is similar. Commercial electricians need to be fully qualified to work on public buildings and match safety regulations.

If you are trying to decide whether to use a commercial or a domestic electrician for your property, the decision rests on the scale and importance of the work. A domestic electrician might be more cost-effective, but a commercial one is more qualified and can offer more value to the project. Decide on the scale and cost of the project before choosing an electrician for the job. 


Whether the work is domestic or commercial, you can guarantee higher quality standards when you partner with a commercial electrician. Commercial electricians such as Jack Jones Electrical also provide domestic electrical installation and local domestic electrician services. Contact Jack Jones Electrical today to find out more about electrical services for any domain.

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