Why is Electrical Maintenance Important?

As a nation and indeed as a functional society, we rely on electricity and electrical devices. Emergency services, food supplies, and water treatment would all suffer without adequate electrical maintenance. And maintenance doesn’t only apply to large-scale utilities. As a homeowner, it is highly beneficial to maintain electric integrity.

Poor electrical conditions cost you money. That’s a straight fact. In the UK, the average cost of an electrical fix when moving into a new property is approximately £1,700. So electrical repair is an added expense you don’t need and wouldn’t want to pass on to another family. Additionally, 61% of residents over 60 live in conditions that don’t meet recognized UK safety standards.

At Jack Jones Electrical, we appreciate that everyone has the right to electrical safety. Our highly skilled and registered electricians will carry out residential suburban and city electrical repairs and electrical maintenance to the highest standards, in line with all UK regulations. Our work includes Part P of the building regulations requirements.

Ongoing Damage from Inadequate Electrical Maintenance

Should the worst happen, poor residential electrical repairs will significantly increase the chance of fatality. For this reason alone, you should ensure your home’s electrical system is safe for purpose, no matter its age. Long-term neglect can cause the wiring to come loose and mechanisms to fail. Should this occur, there is a constant risk of electrocution, flashing, ignition, and explosion to people and everyday household objects.

A loose wire is in danger of becoming exposed. Exposure will burn your home’s materials on contact. It also makes it a hazard if there is excess moisture in the air or a water leak in your loft, roof, or walls. Should anyone touch an electrical item or outlet that is compromised, the chance of electrocution is very high. Also, flashing due to arc faults will ignite flammable materials, and gases can become ignited by sparking.  

The First Signs of Electrical Issues

Older homes are more susceptible to electrical damage. In particular, dwellings built before 1919 are found to contain the most hazards. However, any property that uses electricity can suffer electrical hazards if not adequately maintained. Fortunately, there are some common signs and warnings for which you can look when it comes to electrical safety.

Since you use your lights often, they are usually one of the first to indicate an electrical fault. Flickering lights are a sign that something might be amiss. A buzzing sound might also accompany flickering. It can be caused by faulty sockets, dangerous counterfeit electric items, or arc faults which can cause the burning of materials. Therefore, you may also smell a strange odour resulting from electrical damage.

How Hiring a Professional is Cheaper in the Long Run

You can perform minor repairs such as screwing a socket back in place or replacing an oven. However, we don’t recommend even small jobs like this. Unqualified or uncertified electrical work is hazardous as even the most minor fault could spell disaster. Faults will cost you more money to rectify, and a botched attempt can land you with fines if it all goes terribly wrong. In the worst instance, you could harm yourself or someone else.

We, therefore, recommend that you hire a professional for anything more demanding than screwing in a light bulb. A professional will do a job properly and assist with electrical maintenance and advice while present at your home. Residential electrical repairs carried out by an expert are likely to sustain a high degree of integrity for an extended period. 

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Jack Jones Electrical is a leading UK electrical maintenance and repair service with seven years of experience. We know electrical issues and our friendly and reliable team offers speedy and professional service. From our main office in Swadlincote, we currently serve Nottingham, Leicester, Tamworth, and Derby.

No job is too small, so please don’t put yourself and others at risk, and contact us today.

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