What Different Types of Electricians Are There?

The term “electrician” can apply to sole traders or professionals working within an organisation, but they all have one thing in common – they’re experts in installing electrical systems, conducting repairs, performing electrical maintenance, and doing so within strict safety standards.

But there are a number of types of electricians, and it’s always worth knowing which one is appropriate for your needs.

Conversely, contacting a full-scale service such as JackJones Electrical can provide you with all domestic, commercial and industrial electrical services.

In this post, we’ll discuss the different types of electricians and what tasks they perform most regularly:

1. Residential Electricians

Residential electricians are experts in all manner of domestic electrical requirements, be that troubleshooting faulty wiring, re-cabling entire households, upgrading safety standards, and more.

They can also implement essential plug sockets (also known as power outlets), install fuse boxes and switchboards, and ensure all household appliances are working optimally. Residential electricians provide a vital service because even those skilled in home renovations should never meddle with their electrical supply if they’re not fully trained and qualified to do so.

This is because electrical circuits are sensitive systems that require safe upkeep and maintenance to handle appropriately. Never maintain these systems personally, because it’s easy to miss an essential safety practice that could then put you in harm’s way.

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2. Commercial Electricians

From helping companies install full-scale lighting in their premises, wiring emergency lighting and fixtures, all the way up to outfitting the power for your IT network, commercial electricians are essential for the upkeep of your brand.

Commercial electricians are highly aware that your access to dependable electricity is not only convenient but necessary for your uptime. As such, they’ll consult with you to deliver a capable approach, troubleshoot issues, install new systems for commercial construction processes, and liaise with you in any expansion measures you take.

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3. Industrial Electricians

Industrial electricians aim to ensure the correct power provisions for factory manufacturing lines, construction projects, signage, displays, fail safes and more. 

They aim to troubleshoot issues with high-voltage machinery and wider systems and can work with you to ensure maximum energy efficiency within such great power supply lines. Moreover, they can help design coherent wiring plans so that all of this is delivered in the safest and most logical manner possible.

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