How to Find a Reliable Electrician in the UK – Essential Tips for Homeowners, Businesses, and Landlords

Finding a reliable electrician in the UK, Midlands for your domestic or commercial needs can require a lot of research to ensure your contractor is qualified for the work you need to have carried out. Not all electricians are legally required to register in the UK, meaning you must be careful about who you hire to ensure you get the right company for the job.

Ask For Referrals

An excellent way to find a reliable electrician in Midlands is to ask around. Talk to family, friends, colleagues, and peers and find out what electricians they have used for work in the past, what they thought of the job they carried out and if they would recommend them. Talking to real past clients is one of the best ways to find reliable electrician in the UK. Alternatively, if you know others in the industry, you can ask them for their recombination from previous experience working with them or word of mouth.

Check Online Reviews

Nowadays, you can find reviews on trade and comparison finder websites and individual contractors’ websites. For example, you can head to popular review sites such as Trust Pilot, CheckATrade or Rated People. You can head to your local council’s website to find out if they have a list of approved contractors for electrical work too.

Check Credentials

While not all electricians have to be registered, they do need to meet minimum training standards to be qualified and certified. In the UK, you can find several regulatory and trade associations for electricians to register with. These offer memberships and accreditations to help you find a reliable electrician in your local area. These bodies include; NICEIC, NAPIT and ECA.

Ask each contractor what training they have, how long they have been qualified for and if they are associated with any regulatory bodies.

Request For a Quote

From here, you can then start to request quotes for the work you require. Pull together a shortlist of electrician Midlands contractors and then request quotes from them. You can do this via websites or over the phone so you have a range of prices to help you decide and get an average idea of the cost.

Check Their Availability and Responsiveness

When you get quotes, you can use this time to determine the responsiveness of the contractors you have shortlisted. How long do they take to get back to you? Do you need to chase them? How do they determine the quote? Did they visit the property? And how long do they estimate it will take before they can start the work, and how long will the job take to be completed? Busier contractors will likely have less availability, meaning they are more widely trusted and are an excellent company to work for. Again, if someone is too eager to get started, this might ring some alarm bells as to why they have immediate availability.

Relevant Training, Experience and Credentials

Ensuring your electrics are up to code, be it in your home or commercial property or premises you own, is essential; electrical faults can be lethal, and you shouldn’t contemplate electrical repairs without the relevant training and experience, nor should you let anyone do so without checking their credentials. At Jack Jones Electrical, we are qualified time-served electricians experienced in all electrical work sizes and complexity. We can work with homeowners and business owners alike for small electrical repairs to complete electrical sys

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