What does a commercial electrician do?

Whether you’re in an office, retail space or factory setting, commercial electricians and electrical installers work on the wiring systems for power outlets, lighting and more. They’ll know how to wire large spaces. Being a commercial electrician is different from being an electrical contractor. Electricians who work with this job are often trained to focus on the electricity systems of large buildings and environments, which can be either hot or stressful depending upon what they’re doing at that particular time. 

One thing’s for sure: if you do not know what you’re doing when working as a commercial electrician in close quarters like these, then it could get dangerous real fast! In addition, commercial electricians have their own workspace- one filled up entirely with wires and other equipment related to all things electronic power sources (electricity).

A commercial electrician is an electrical worker whose job is to focus on the complicated wiring of many buildings used for business purposes. The work environment can be either hot or stressful, depending on what’s going on in the building. For example, commercial electricians spend most of their time working inside a big room full of wires and supplies needed for electricity in such large spaces.

The commercial electrician is in charge of making new installations and replacing or repairing inadequate circuits. This job requires working with complicated electrical systems, such as inside shopping malls, high rise buildings, offices, etcetera. The primary task for the commercial electricians is to make these types of installations while taking care not to interfere with existing equipment by keeping safety measures intact throughout their work.

While most people may think that commercial electricians’ primary responsibilities are to wire buildings or install electrical equipment, they have a lot more under their belt.

Commercial Electrician Responsibilities: 

  • Installing wire and electrical units, such as panels for the distribution of electricity.
  • Attaching covers for open wiring systems and circuits.
  • Regular maintenance of all electrical parts in an electrical system (e.g., checking if components are working correctly).
  • Inspection of issues pertaining to the structure’s wiring or related areas like buildings’ power supply services which need fixing/replacing.
  • Diagnosing problems with any part(s), unit(s), device(-ies), etc.
  • “Making plans” for new installations & construction associated with “new systems.”
  • Commercial electrician’s tasks include training others for large-scale jobs.
  • Working as the leader of teams on big projects.


Commercial Electrician Criteria:

As a commercial electrician, one must have a high school diploma and graduation certificate from high school. To work in the field of electrical wiring, you need an apprenticeship or experience as other types of training may not provide enough knowledge to be successful at this job. 

Electricians might install wires, lights, and power cables depending on their project needs, so it is vital for them to know how these are installed correctly, with safety being prioritized above all else. 

In addition, a commercial electrician should be able to perform odd jobs in a timely manner. This can include fixing heating systems, transformers, lighting sources and breaker panels for wires.

If you’re looking for efficient commercial electrical installations in Swadlincote, contact us today. 

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